NSR Founder Di Dootson Rose – Skateboard Biography

It was 1975. I was living with my brother and our friend, Dave Dominy. Long
story short: Dave invented Tracker Trucks on our kitchen table and we skated La
Costa’s Black Hill after work most evenings. Fast forward: innovative San Diego
skateboard companies (Tracker, Bahne, G&S, Turner SummerSki, Logan,
GullWing) did their research and testing on Black Hill. I ran weekly slalom races
for three years. Out of all that came the National Skateboard Review – my monthly
grass roots newspaper that published contest results, photos, interviews, cartoons,
and Letters from all over the country. It was a honor to have the Smithsonian
Institute receive a complete collection of the NSR in 2013.

Companies built their pro teams. Contest producers (Don E.Branker, Jim
O’Mahoney, and more) created events to showcase pro riders. I ran slalom races
for those pro events all over the country. I served as Recorder for the Pacific
Skateboard Association – the first manufacturers organization.

I skated downhill and slalom starting on Black Hill in ’75. I rarely raced, as I was
the race director, but enjoyed running the course/hill before the racing started. I did
enter the race in Vail, CO when I was not the director. I enjoyed my 2nd place in
tight….in the coed Masters Division (27 years old was a Master at that time!)
Getting timed at a downhill run in Vail was pretty cool.

It all came to a screeching, heart breaking stop, when the industry crash of 1979
hit. Companies could no longer afford ad space in the NSR. No ads = no
newspaper. I published my last issue on June, 1979 with a young Steve Caballero
on the cover. I closed up shop and ran away to the hills of San Diego County and
returned to my career as a recreation therapist.

Fast forward to 2004 when I found my skate clan again at a race in La Costa. Since
then, I have enjoyed working as Starter for local, national, and world slalom
competitions. I support Tony Hawk Foundation, International Skateboarding Hall
of Fame, the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum, and The Training Center. I run
occasional local races here on the Central California Coast. I host a Viva La Costa
Reunion every 5 years; the next one is in the Fall of 2019.

In 2013, I was the curator at San Diego Home-Grown Skateboard History exhibit.
There were 100+ items on display that was viewed by 500+ viewers. With an
opening reception and a closing reception, a good time was had by all.

In 2013, a full collection of the NSR was received by the Smithsonian Institute.

In 2016, I sponsored the women purse at US Nationals to match the mens purse.

In 2016 I coordinated a Girl Scout Skate Jam in San Diego. It included instruction by Patti McGee, Amelia Brodka, Lynn Kramer, Barb Odanaka, Matt Gaudio, and the Silly Girl Skate Team.

In 2017, I was guest of honor at the Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama – a weekend
gathering of women in skateboarding from all over the country.

In 2017, I was filmed by Viceland TV to be part of their Post Radical series. It was
released in 2018 and I am part of Episode 7. I will be forever grateful to Alex Craig
for representing me with such respect. He has left me a legacy that I will be forever

The NSR continues to be included in movies and books that need a record of skateboarding from the late 1970’s.

I am a sponsor of La Costa Boys Racing – what better way to continue what I
started so long ago.

I am devoted to my skate clan and love meeting skaters all over the world. I find
their spirit is the same and as passionate as I have ever known. I am a skater for
life. As the decades proceed, it is plain my place in skateboarding is changing.
Computerized timing systems have made me obsolete as a timer/starter/recorder
which makes me sad but I cannot deny the obvious. I look forward to help with
registration tables and being a spectator. I look forward to meeting you – please
stop and say “Hi”.

Last thought: Need something? Bring your best and do it yourself.
Oh, and: Hug the ones you love.
‘Nuff said: skate on. I’ll see you there.

~Di Dootson Rose