Past Issues

You will see here a Table of Contents for each issue of the NSR. To view each actual scanned page use this link to the scanning done by the Smithsonian Institute: ______[link coming later]______.

After receiving a complete collection of the NSR into their archives in 2013, the staff and iinterns at the Smithsonian have scanned every page of every issue – a task much better done by them than me.

Feel free to copy what you need. Sections of the NSR have served as reference for many books and movies.


“Virgin Blacktop” – movie trailer

NSR was used to document some facts in the making of this Signal Hill documentary.

“TRACKER The Book – Forty Years of Skateboard History” & Tracker Wing T-shirt Combo

“The History of the Ollie” – book

“Warren Boslter, Surf Photographer” – book