This is the episode of Viceland that I was in, check it out!!
Featuring Rick Mccrank and amazing skaters from all around the world, freestyle skateboarding! Features cloverdale and the world round up!

On June 22, 2013, at the “Innoskate” Event, I donated a full collection of the National Skateboard Review newspaper: 1976-1979, to the Smithsonian Institutue. It was an honor. It will be in the archives forever, and occasionally, on display for various presentations.

1976 Free Former World Professional Skateboard Championship in Long Beach, CA. At 1m 59s (1:59) in the audio, you can hear the Event Director, Don Branker, announce Di Dootson as the slalom race director.

Di with Victor Earhart at ASRF Race.

2017 Mighty Mama Skate-O-Rama – Sharing about the life of skateboard legend Di Dootson Rose.

Di doing a little DH.

This is Henry Hester’s ISHOF Acceptance Speech. He credits me and the NSR for the work we did.

1970’s Skateboard Slalom Giants speech at Viva La Costa, 2009.

ASRF #1 “Hialeah”