APRIL, 1978



Cover photo – Paul Hoffman

Back – Stacey Peralta in Tracker Truck ad


“Skater’s Opinion: Deanna Calkins”

“Calling All Girls”


“Let’s Hear From: Alabama, Central Cal, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Mexico”

“Photo Contest Winners”

“1977 I.S.A. Awards”

“Pro Hotline: Pat Flanagan”

“Skatepark Directory”

“Skateboard Good Training for Skiing”


“Sierra Wave Contest”


Advertisers – El Cajon Blvd Bike and Sporting Goods, G&S, NHS, Hobie, Bike Factory, SkaTTour, idi, Atlantic Skateboards, Santa Cruz, Western Skatepark Guide, ACS, Tunnel, Santana, Tracker Trucks.