December, 1976


Cover photo – Russ Gosnell
Back page photo – Tracker Trucks ad with Russ Gosnell

“Focus – Russ Gosnell”
“Builders Not Talkers”
“Skatepark Opens in El Cajon”
“Skateboarding Backed in Rahway”
“Adventures of Capt. Biorhythm”
“East Coast Organization”
“La Costa Results”
“Coming Events”
“San Luis Obispo Pre-race”
“Oakland Weekly Races”
“Masters Contest”
“Corte Madera Contest”
“San Luis Obispo Race”
“Letter to the Editor”
“UCSD Contest”
“Castro Valley Winners, Oct. 9”
“Fountain Valley Skatepark”
“Highrider on Mercer Island, Wa, Skateboard Center”
“Sidewalk Surfpark Near Big Surf in Tempe”
“Phoenix Skatepark Located on the Phoenix Show Grounds”

Advertisers: Yandall Wheels, Logan Earth Ski, America East Skatepark Association, Roller Shop, Bahne, Power Paw, Hobie, NHS, G&S, Tracker Trucks.