Cover photo – Collage of Denis Schufeldt, Cliff Coleman, Don Bostick, Dave Dominy, Curtis Hesselgrave.

Back – Davey Andrews in a Tracker Trucks ad


“Park Directory”

“1977 Master Slalom, Race [La Costa]”

“Hints for Parents of Skateboarders”


“Let’s Hear From: Alabama; Central Coast, Ca.”

“Happy Birthday Greetings”

“Photo Contest Announcement”

“Freestyle Competition Hints”

“NSR Contest at Spring Valley”

“Downhill Racing Technique”



“Slalom Racing Hints”

“Who’s Who in Skateboarding Magazine”

“Another Roadside Attraction [ARA] Circuit Announcement”

“Million $ Negligence Suit Rejected”


Advertisers: UFO, Turner SummerSki, Power Paw, Gullwing, NHS, ACS, Hobie, Sunshine Sports, MacTrac, Ampul, El Cajon Blvd. Bike and Sporting Goods, Rampage, G&S, Skatepark Publications, M&M Graphics, Bahne (2), Organize a Skateboard Contest Manual.