JUNE, 1977



Cover photo – Gary Turner

Back photo – Rodney Jesse in Tracker Truck Ad


“NSR Theater Hour ‘Terry Nails And The Silver Streak …or…Speed Racing Today Is Just Sunday Driving’ ”

“Great Skateboard Ripoff Part II”

“Skatepark Directory”

“Massage Bowl” – center spread photo essay by Tim Stahl

“Let’s Hear From: New York, New Mexico, Carlsbad, Nevada City, South Africa”

“Letter to the Editor”

” ‘Madman’ Contest Well Planned”


“SDSU Exhibition”

“Look Out, Boise”


Advertisers – Hobie, Power Paw, Torsten Hallman Racing, NHS, Lickety Sticks Skate Shop, California Distributor Skate Shop, Logan Earth Ski, Rollin’ On Skate Shop, Gullwiing, G&S, Concrete Wave, Bahne.