MARCH, 1978



Cover photo – Eric Holt, Photo Contest Winner

Back – Russ Gosnell in Tracker Trucks ad


“Need a Skateboard Movie?”

“Update: Free Skate L.A.”

“Let’s Hear From: Japan; South Bay, Cal; Maryland; Georgia”


“Alot A Flex Team”

“Skatepark Directory”

” ’78 Signal Hill Entries”


“Drawing – by Dan Van Guilder, Michigan”

“Lunch Break Photo Sequence….Eric Tollgaard”


Advertisers – G&S, MacTrac, Surf City Contest, Western Skateboard Parks, El Cajon Blvd Bike and Sporting Goods, Tunnel, Logan Earth Ski, Pacer Wheels, NHS, HPG IV, Sunshine Sports, ACS, Santa Cruz, Hobie, Latham Skateboards, Tracker Trucks.