Cover photo – Gunnar Haugo

Back photo – David Paul in a Tracker Trucks ad


“Paul Hoffman – Camera Man”

“Oceanside 3rd Novice-Am Championship, Aug, 27,28, 1977”

“Trouble With Local Laws?”

“AESA Call for Skateboarders”

“4-Cities Contest in Alabama”


“Chrondek Proves Itself”

“Skater’s Opinion: Chris Yandall”

” ’77 Long Beach Winners”

“Let’s Hear From: New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, Manhattan Beach, New Mexico, Florida”

“Park Directory”

“Carlsbad Demo Team”

“California State Championships”

“Street Skating Survey”

“Eastern U.S. Tournament”

“What Means ‘Pultruded’ ?”

“Skateparks Safest Spot for Skateboarding, Study Shows”



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